Terms and Conditions

By using our services, you automatically accept our conditions below.

1. Purchases

Relay Shop USA is a "forwarder" and cannot be hold responsible to your purchases. We will NOT refund your purchases if you are not satisfied. You will need to contact the store where you bought your items. If you wish to return a order, you will need to pay for the return postage if your merchant doesn’t provide a return label.

2. Payments

Relay Shop USA allows you to pay with Paypal, Credit/Debit cards or Cash.
Paypal charges a 4.3% fee to process your payments for the PERSONAL SHOPPER service ONLY (Paypal and Credit/Debit cards)

Payments over $400 will require us to have the copy of your ID in our file for seller protection and to prevent credit card fraud.
PLEASE NOTE - WE ARE NOT PLAYING WITH FRAUD AND STOLEN CREDIT CARD SCAMS - We reserve the right to do an extended verification on any suspicious activity.
If we are contacted by a seller regarding a credit card fraud, all your information will be shared with the authorities.
The name on the credit card/Paypal account must match that on the RSU account. If account holders on the payment account do not match that on your RelayShopUSA account, your account will need to be fully verified (notarized 1583 from both Paypal/credit card owner and RSU account holder). We will close accounts in case we are notified by merchants that a stolen credit card was used.
If the billing address on the credit card/Paypal accound used to pay is not the same as the shipping address, we will also need to do an extended verification process and you will have to provide some documentation. This documentation will be on the form of 2 ID's (copy of your passport, ID card, ect...) and you will also need to fill and notorized the form 1583 - The same verification will be done for the credit card/paypal owner and the recipient of the package.
Also, if the packages received for your account hold a different name as for the account holder and the credit card owner, that person will also have to provide the same information.

3. Insurances

You can add insurances to your shipments, if you don't add an insurance you won't be refunded for damages, lost packages if anything happen during the shipment. Relay Shop USA is NOT a carrier and we only act as a relay to ship your packages to your country.

4. Weight and dimensions

Please make sure that your packages are not over the weight and sizes limits to be shipped via regular mail services. If your packages are over the limits, we will need to ship them with other private carriers, which will increase your shipping cost. If you know your package dimensions you can contact us to ask for an estimate for the shipping cost.
We CANNOT estimate the weight and dimensions of your packages for you before you order online. You will need to contact the seller if you want to know those informations.

5. Shipping delays

Relay Shop USA cannot be hold responsible for delays in shipment time. We give you an estimate from the carrier for each available services in your country, but sometimes, that carrier can face delays or even custom can hold your package as long as they need to before they process it and WE ARE NOT responsible for those delays.

6. Items not allowed for shipment

- Military items, guns, firearms, amunitions, gun parts, gun/firearm accessories and all related to firearms ...
- national treasures
- illegal drugs
- batteries
- drugs
- counterfeit items
- radioactive waste, any other waste
- objects with child porn images
- animals, dead or alive
- vegetation
- chemicals
- alcohol
- compressed air products (i.e. aerosols and others)
- air Bags
- alcoholic Beverages
- fresh Fruits and Vegetables
- gas.
- perishables
- etc...

The client will not use Relay Shop USA service to ship the above. If those items above or any other illegal items are shipped using our services, RELAY SHOP USA will NOT be hold responsible and any legal action will be taken agains the customer using our services. We will have to share your informations with the appropriate service if needed.


Once arrived in your country, You package can be held at custom and go through verification. They can also charge you custom taxes/fees on the total of the value for your orders + shipping cost. You are totally responsible for this fees (if applied) and RELAY SHOP USA is not responsible for those. We cannot tell you how much those fees will be. You have to contact your local custom office to ask them the limit so won't be charged and how much you will be charged if applicable. Since we don't receive an invoice for your orders, RELAY SHOP USA will declare the amount you wish to declare on your custom declaration. Please note that if you want to insure your package, you can only insure the amount declared to custom (or less)


You will need to pay your Personal Shopper Service fees prior of us preparing your shopping basket. If you are unable to send us the payment for your purchase, we will not be refunded for the service fees. If you send us your payment, we will place your order, however if your items are no longer available, we will issue a full refund including the service fee. We will also issue a full refund if we cannot place the order - sometime online stores refuse to sell to parcel forwarding companies.