Fake Jobs Posting scams Warning

Fake Jobs Posts Warning

We recently found out that someone has been using our company name (RELAY SHOP USA) to unlawfully post fake jobs to scam people.

You can find more information about this type of scams in this article: "RESHIPPING JOBS SCAMS"
We are not, and were not hiring online during the year of 2019.
We are not, and will never hire for "work at home" positions.

Our domain name is relayshopusa.COM, if you receive emails from a different domain name i.e. relayshopusa.ORG, this will be a fake email. Always pay attention to the domain name when communicating with a company.

We are already in contact with the authorities regarding this matter, and you should contact them as well, especially if you provided that person with your personal information, as they will probably use your identity for other fraudulent activities.

You can contact the postal inspector in charge of this investigation at : SJMcnamee@uspis.gov

Send them all the communication you had with this person, you can also copy us in that email, our official contact email is: info@relayshopusa.com

Do no hesitate to contact us at info@relayshopusa.com if you have any other questions.